I’m Anna Sergunina

CFP®, Money Boss and CEO of MainStreet Financial Planning

My mission is to help you achieve the life you want—right now, with no compromises. 

I’ve been a financial planner for over 16 years. I’m also the CEO of my own company — MainStreet Financial Planning — one of the nation’s largest no-commission, project-based, financial planning-focused firms that serves everyday people just like you. I’m also a wife to my husband (Yuri) of 15 years and a relatively new mom (two-year-old Liam).


Ever since I was a little girl, I had my heart set on becoming a doctor. I knew it wouldn’t be an easy path, but I just absolutely loved the idea of helping people heal.

And then…

When I went to college, I enrolled in a pre-med program to follow my dream of becoming a doctor. But then I realized that it would take many years of additional schooling and training before I could actually get down to the business of helping people. Being from an immigrant family, the values of hard work and self-discipline had been instilled in me since I was young. I decided I wanted to get right to work after earning my degree so that I could begin making my mark on the world sooner. I realized there was another way I could help people: become a financial planner.

My Breakthrough...

In 2009, I passed the rigorous two-day exam to become a Certified Financial Planner. I then moved across the country to California, where I opened a new office for MainStreet Financial Planning. I also took over the household finances and, following my own advice, was able to pay off all of our student loan and credit card debt by creating my unique Money Flow system. By 2014, I was able to purchase MainStreet Financial Planning and step into the CEO role. It was an exceptionally busy time, as each month I flew back to the East Coast to meet with clients and visit with family. However, I was quite satisfied that I was helping people achieve their financial goals.

But Then,

After a while, I realized that traditional financial advice isn’t always easy for people to follow. My own clients were meeting their financial goals, but they found it difficult. I decided there had to be a better way of empowering them to straighten out their finances.

My Resolution...

I realized that the same system I had been using to manage our own household finances would work equally well for my clients. I tweaked my Money Flow system a bit to be more adaptable for every family’s personal finances. I then began creating Money Boss, including my training materials: the Money Roadmap Challenge, Money Boss Summit, and the Money Boss Family Masterclass. Having my own son, Liam, in 2019 inspired me to launch the Money Boss podcast for parents.


I believe that everyone deserves financial freedom—not just the wealthy 1%.

I believe that you are your own Money Boss. You can put your money to work for you—not the other way around.

I believe in helping my clients live their best financial lives by using money as a tool to achieve their dreams in life.