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Whether you are parents looking for purpose, wanting to overcome self doubt, or looking to create a better version of yourself to model to your children this conversation filled with valuable insights and actionable, practical tips is just what you need.
In this week’s episode of the Money Boss Parent Podcast, I am privileged to have Abbe Feder, a fertility and life coach, and the founder of InCircle Fertility, as my guest. Abbe’s personal journey through infertility and pregnancy loss led her to establish a community that provides vital support and hope for those on the […]
Remember when savings accounts felt almost irrelevant? Well, those days are gone. Interest rates have climbed, and now even simple savings accounts can earn you a decent return.
Join me for the relaunch of my podcast, and together let's explore personal finance, parenting strategies, and the art of balancing the present and the future.
Welcome to the Money Boss Parent Podcast, where I'm your host, Anna Sergunina. As a Certified Financial Planner, devoted mom, savvy business owner, and loving wife, I bring you two decades of financial expertise combined with the joys and challenges of parenthood. Join me on this journey as we explore the intersection of money and motherhood. From budgeting to investments, we'll have candid conversations that help you master your financial journey.

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