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I want to empower you to make informed financial decisions by exploring the timely and important topic of navigating the Debt Ceiling and its potential impact on your personal finances. Discussions surrounding the debt ceiling can create uncertainties, but it's essential to approach this issue with a level-headed perspective. Together, we will dive into insights and practical strategies to help you strengthen your financial resilience in the face of potential market volatility. Join me as we explore the debt ceiling, discuss financial preparedness, and uncover actionable steps to mitigate risks. Let's get started.
Our society often places a heavy emphasis on achieving, setting targets, and constantly expanding. But is it possible to find fulfillment and contentment without chasing constantly after goals? Today, we have the privilege of speaking with Derek Hagen, a financial therapist who specializes in helping individuals understand the role of money in their lives while guiding them towards a more meaningful existence. In this discussion, we examine how our fixation on goals can distract us from being present in the moment; we explore the reasons humans set goals and how it may just be a desperate attempt to control the future. Join me for this captivating conversation that challenges conventional notions of goal setting and explores the path to a more mindful and meaningful life.
In this episode, we talk to Shellee Howard, a certified education consultant who has helped families send their children to college debt-free. With the average federal student loan debt balance in 2023 expected to be $37,000, Shellee shares practical steps on how to secure scholarships and avoid the burden of student loans. We discuss the best time to start exploring scholarships for education and how to find free money for college. She emphasizes the importance of early planning and the need to research multiple sources of funding. Whether you're a parent, student or educator, this episode is packed with valuable insights and resources to help you navigate the complex world of college funding. Join us for this episode as we explore how to secure scholarships and graduate debt-free
Changing careers can seem daunting, especially in the aftermath of a global pandemic that has disrupted the job market. But with careful planning and the right resources, it's attainable. Join us today as we speak with Christelle Pillot, a career coach and mother of three who helps other mothers navigate the career change path. Crystal's Freedom Catcher Academy has inspired many to take the leap and pursue new career paths. Don't let fear hold you back from pursuing your dream job. Take the first step and tune in to our discussion.
Today's episode is all about helping your child launch into a successful career after college. My guest today is Beth Hendler Grunt, a recognized thought leader in the college-to-career space, and author of the book "The Next Great Step". Beth has extensive experience consulting with startups to Fortune 500 firms, and she leverages her expertise to help college students succeed when they graduate. In this episode, Beth offers practical steps and guidance to help parents approach their children with this topic and empower them as they navigate this next phase of their lives. Join us as we delve into this topic and gain valuable insights on how to support your child in launching their career after college.

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