Welcome back, Money Bosses! As we approach our three-year anniversary and prepare for an exciting relaunch, I’m thrilled to bring you some of the most impactful episodes from the past. These evergreen topics remain relevant and serve as valuable reminders for our continuous growth.

Today, we revisit an episode from the first year of my podcast, where my husband and I celebrated our anniversary by discussing finances as a couple. Whether you’re in a long-term relationship or not, exploring money matters together is essential.

While finances can be overwhelming and we often focus on fixing mistakes, let’s take this opportunity to celebrate your accomplishments and give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back.

I welcome you to share your feedback with me as I love hearing how you navigate your finances as a couple.

Anna’s Takeaways:

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Anna Sergunina:

You and I know that making smart financial decisions can be challenging. But it's 21st century, financial freedom is no longer just for the 1% world. It is for you and me. The question is, how do we find time, avoid making painful mistakes, and find the best resources to help us reach our financial goals? Join me on my journey helping busy families figure out how they can gain financial confidence and clarity, get actionable tips, and learn from the best experts on how to stop trading time for money. It is now the time you started living your best financial life. My name is Anna Sergunina. And welcome to the money boss podcast. Here money bosses. Welcome back to the Money Boss podcast, Anna Sergunina here, I am continuing the exploration of an exciting face that's coming to this podcast. And I started to bring back exciting episodes that I found the most useful in my listeners, for that matter as well over the last three years that this podcast has been running. And so you're going to hear a couple more that are plans. And I am excited because I want to highlight for you some of the topics that you all thought were the most useful in this conversation. And as we are coming closer to our three year anniversary and planning a relaunch of this podcast, I think I want to revisit these topics because not only they are evergreen, and things that we all have to come back to address and live through. They also remind us that we can become better if we miss this sometime ago, it's always good to revisit. So today I'm bringing back an episode from the first year of the podcast. And this was discussed when you're and I we're celebrating our anniversary and I wanted to highlight for you all who have long relationships or any relationships doesn't matter whether it's long or short, when when both of you are involved in the decision making of your finances, and you're running in household. And so the question that I constantly ask my clients, and I want you to think about is, what are you get good at as a couple when it comes to money. I'll repeat that what are you good at as a couple when it comes to money. And I've seen so many examples. And so many different ways to help people manage their finances as couples. And needless to say that there isn't one that particularly stands out. But I want you to appreciate and recognize the strength that each of you have. And so for that reason, I want you to think through a series of questions in this episode that will help you kind of reset that point. And as well as giving yourself a window of opportunity to appreciate to reflect to have some gratitude, what do you have done. And I know that we have this tendency to just like go and say, oh my gosh, we're so good or so bad with not paying attention to where our money's going, or we haven't reallocate or investments like give yourself an opportunity to find and highlight and discuss, right? What are you actually doing? Good? And how can you give yourself a pat on the back? Now the reason I'm thinking about this, and to making a conscious effort to have these conversations with Uri, is because I want to find the good. In all of that's happening. I know that finance is overwhelming. I know we're all busy. And you know from time to time, it is good for your soul, to give yourself a pat on the back and see what things you've done well, we will always work on figuring out and fixing the mistakes and things you haven't gotten to do. But this is the one piece that you are the one in charge of. So enjoy this episode. I'd love to hear your feedback. And maybe perhaps over the last few years you have evolved and your partner or significant other has as well. And I am always ears to see how you're navigating finances as a couple. So looking forward to hearing from your feedback. And please enjoy this legacy episode. Yesterday was a Juris and eyes 16th wedding anniversary, and I can't believe that it's been that long since we've gotten married and so I remember when we were just newly married, it's it used to be a thought. It's like wow, when are we going to make it to the five years of marriage it's going to our life is going to look like this and these are the things we're going to do and these are the Things were going to be and this is how we're going to do with our finances than it was 10 years like, wow, this, that was a big anniversary. And I remember we actually went to Italy for that for that, for that year to celebrate it, and then was like, wow, okay, now we're gonna get to 15. And we did. And unfortunately, life was very different in 2020. So not a huge celebration, but now we're even over 16. So I, as I look back at this, what I wanted to share with you today is that, I think you all would agree that every relationship is different. And that's what makes things exciting, right. But what really is common, or what the common denominator is, for all of us is money. And, and I always think of it in those terms. So however, many could be treated and thought of and discussed and used differently in any of those relationships as well. So my point for you today about, you know, why am I talking about my wedding anniversary, and kind of the money conversation it. And so it really comes down to this, I want you to think about what is it for you? What is what is there one thing or maybe more than one thing that you do good together as a couple? When it comes to money? What are you proud of? That you do together as a couple financially? What is it that makes you excited about money together as a couple, and I want you to think really deeper, more beyond just like the normal stuff that we get to talk about a lot in our daily life. But examples are like, is it? Is it really? You guys are both good at making money? Do you even recognize that? Is it keeping track of your spending? Is it savings? Are you good at saving together? paying off debt? Investing? What about your goals? How are you? How are you tracking against those? And it's really, what it's what are you planning for? So think about this? I don't I didn't have an answer to this question right away. And is the more I started to think the more became apparent. And so I'll share with you what it is for Urei. But I think when I look at everything global in both of us are very much involved in in finances. And just I mean, both are professionals. And so we do it for a living. But also more of okay, you know, well, how do we treat it at home. So for us, it's been on the same page about what I would call financial goals, right? What we really want together as a family as a couple. But it's, it's a little bit deeper than that it's actually a lot deeper than that. It's been a while and it's been in sync. And it's almost like at some moments, it's like we don't even discuss it. Like we know what it is. We're half the focus, we know where we going. We know what we want, we dreamed about it. Because some of these conversations that we do have right? From time to time is like, oh my gosh, remember, we've set that goal years ago. And so it's the beginning of a relationship. And we're just there on our way, I hope I'm describing it in a way that you can kind of relate to it and understand but in financial concepts and terms, it is really having the same financial goals, right or being on the same page. So might not be exactly the same. Because at the end of the day, we're all individuals and one different things maybe in your career professionally. So as as this anniversary kind of loomed on us. I want you to think that anniversaries or milestones or things that happen and have significance, I want you to remember to celebrate them. I want you to recognize all the hard work you've put in into into doing something right in this context. It's a relationship not just between the two of you, but also relationship with money as a couple. So as you think about this going forward, maybe you could have a conversation with your friend significant other and and ask them that question, say hey, what do you think we're good at together as a couple when it comes to your finances? And maybe you need to work on it a little bit, right? Maybe it hasn't been a thing on your mind, other than just the normal stuff that we all have to deal with. With so

Anna Sergunina:

I challenge you to put your next anniversary. Make it around your wedding wedding dates, just to kind of keep things exciting is a target for something. Something you can come back and say hey, this is what we worked on. This is this is what was fun. And this is what we're proud of. So as I, you know, conclude this conversation today, I'm excited for a little getaway to celebrate this particular wedding anniversary now that we can. And you're and I have planned a little getaway to our Sonoma Valley for one of our favorite things to do together. And and that is to sip some great wines and really celebrate ourselves. So that is the plan for this year's anniversary. But I want you to I really want to hear back from you. In terms of what do you think you're really good together as a couple when it comes to your finances? Let me know I'm excited to have that conversation. Thanks for tuning in today, I always ask for you to leave me a review. I'd love to hear from back from you. And remember, you are the bosses of your own money. Hey, money boss. Thanks for tuning in today. If this episode did help you, then please be sure to share it with someone else you think will benefit from it too. After all, smart financial decisions are for everyone. So don't be greedy. I hope I can help you even further by sharing with you how 1000s of clients I worked with in my career over the last 16 years created their very own successful financial lives on their terms. It's hard for me to do this over an audio and if you are ready for the next chapter in your life, then be sure to go to Main Street dash money.com To get your free resource guide. To help you begin correcting top six financial mistakes I see people make all the time, such as not having clear financial goals, not having a handle on spending or saving for the future. Not knowing how to get rid of all the debts and of course having a clear strategy or plan on how to protect your hard earned money. Until next time, remember you are the boss