Before parenthood, I was a financial planner, deeply passionate about helping clients achieve financial success. But everything changed when my son Liam arrived in 2019.

Time became my most precious currency, and my perspective on financial decisions shifted.

Now, as a money boss parent, my mission is to share my journey—the triumphs, the struggles, and the invaluable lessons learned—to help you make the best financial choices for your family, today and tomorrow.

Join me for the relaunch of my podcast, and together let’s explore personal finance, parenting strategies, and the art of balancing the present and the future.

Anna’s Takeaways:

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Anna Sergunina:

Hey there money boss parents Welcome back to the first yet not exactly the first episode is I relaunched this podcast. I'm your host, Anna saguna. And today, we're diving into my personal journey that I'm sure many of you can relate to. I've been hosting this podcast for the last three years and finally realize that I needed to make an official shift. As conversations I've had here with my guests, topics were discussed, questions asked by you and answered by me, all are pointing for me to start paving the path for us to create a space where we can focus on how motherhood and our finances and decisions we make overlap. And here I am. It's episode 200 of the newly relaunched money boss parent podcast, and I am so fired up on the journey we're about to take. You know, my journey as a financial planner, starting long before I became a parent, I had a passion for helping my clients achieve financial success, and witnessing their progress brings me immense joy. My business was my baby. And I poured my heart and soul into it over the years. Then, a new chapter began, when my son Liam, came into this world in early 2019. Suddenly, everything changed time, once abundant, became the most precious currency. And as a new mom, my perspective shifted. And my focus on financial decisions has deepened a lot. It was no longer just about me, or URI or us together. It was about securing a future for my family, especially for Liam. But there's the challenge my husband and I faced, how do we strike that delicate balance between enjoying life now, and saving for the future. We want to create lasting memories with Liam today, while also ensuring that he has every opportunity and advantage as he grows up. That's why I'm here today, talking to you through this podcast. I want to share my journey, the triumphs, the struggles and the lessons learned to help you navigate your own paths as a money boss, parent. And just like you, I'm on this journey to striving to make the best financial decisions for my family, today, and for the future. Picture this, you wake up every morning with a sense of purpose and confidence. You've got your money in order, you're ready to tackle the day as a savvy money boss parent, you're enjoying family vacations, you're creating meaningful experiences with your children, and fostering a healthy mindset that will serve them for a lifetime. That's the vision I have for all of us. A future where we're empowered to make informed financial decisions, where we embrace the joys of parenthood, and where we lay a solid foundation for children's future success. So my fellow money boss, parents get ready for an incredible journey ahead. In an upcoming episode, we'll dive deep into the world of personal finances, parenting strategies, and the art of finding that perfect balance between today and tomorrow. Thank you for joining me on this exciting adventure. Stay tuned for more empowering episodes, where we will tackle topics that matter to you the most. Remember, you are not alone. Were are all in this together, learning growing and becoming the ultimate money boss parents. Until next time, keep passing it up with your finances and parenting skills. Stay tuned for more wisdom and inspiration to elevate your journey as the money boss parent