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How Not to Feel Like an Emotional Sponge | Sensei Victoria Whitfield

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“Are you tired of feeling like an emotional sponge? Focusing on our own energy levels and self-care is so hard to do sometimes but so necessary. The first step is understanding and accepting that we can’t do it all. We have limited bandwidth. Today’s guest, Sensei Victoria Whitfield, chats with us about the practical and actionable steps we can take to not feel like an emotional sponge.


In this episode, we are taking a different angle with our conversation and are joined by our guest Sensei Victoria Whitfield, who helps entrepreneurs balance mind, body & biz!

Victoria shares about how she got started. She chats with us about how her own energy and sensitivity and awareness of being exhausted all the time snuck up on her and she was drained. She was working in the corporate world and had a big “aha” moment that changed everything for her.

Victoria shares about the steps that we take before we get to that “burnout” stage. She explains that we must start with why before we can address being at that burnout stage.

She explains that energy is the fuel behind all action and we must figure out what is putting the “fuel in our tank” so we can fully address ourselves.

Victoria talks about the practical tips you can incorporate with yourself and with your family to give yourself the “energy refund” that you all need.

If you are tired of feeling like an emotional sponge, this is the episode for you!



  • How Victoria got started
  • Steps we can take before we get to the “burnout” stage
  • Practical tips you can incorporate for yourself and your family



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