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So how can you simplify your finances? What things, activities, and even thoughts can you eliminate, delete, delegate or do less off in return to create more space, time, and energy to focus on things that are going to bring you more joy, happiness and success?
Did you know that your DREAMs are totally real and possible to materialize?! No matter how big or small. There just needs to be a little bit of structure in place around your finances, spending, and budgeting in particular. In this conversation, Nick True from, shares with us his DREAM process to make budgeting […]
Can budgeting be a happy process? Most people cringe when they hear the word “Budget”. But Nick True from says “yes, IF you learn how to incorporate it into YOUR life and not the other way around”. Join me for this interview where we explore the side of Budgeting and Cashflow management and how […]
Happy B-day to me! It’s my birthday week. I am turning 38. I was thinking about what I want this next year to look like. So for my personal, family, and professional life, I decided to pick a theme. And my theme associated with the word Focus. This coming year I am focused, laser-focused on […]
How do you gain clarity about what to focus on when it comes to your financial goals? I love this topic. Sounds sophisticated. It’s really not. Simply said, it’s your goals, your life goals, which turn into financial goals because they require capital (money). Let’s lay out a framework about how you can finally see […]

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