My husband and I made a lifestyle change years ago. We decided to move to San Francisco as my husband wanted step away from the corporate world. It was one of the most rewarding experiences of not only my life. It was also an amazing experience for my marriage, though it wasn’t like that all the time.

This new journey my husband I agreed to go into together began to put a strain on our relationship over one of the most common topics in a relationship: finances. It’s an amazing thing what stress can do to you, especially in a very stressful time, but stress over your finances is something you can easily avoid by understanding the financial standing you want to have in your life. I’m not talking about the hopes everyone of us has of one day having the dream cars, dream home, and dream vacations here though. No, I’m talking about the awareness of the journey to get there and the role you have on your way to get there.

As entrepreneurs Yuri and I knew we were taking a fairly high risk yet high reward journey to make our living. This made our future have a lot of potential but our current state have a lack of security more often than not. Checks always came in but they weren’t always consistent from month to month and so our income wasn’t stable either. This made me finally realize the importance of what I helped people to be able to achieve because this was my chance to prove that what I helped people to do was a proven system to avoid the common pitfalls people make on their financial journeys.

I sat down and looked at several key components of my current financial situation. First I looked at my expenses, I wasn’t too keen on going into more debt than was manageable so I didn’t want to risk my expenses to overwhelm me at the end of the month. Next, I made sure I understood the long-term goals I wanted to hit were taken out of the income I had at the end of each month. After all, you can’t buy any investments or even toys if you’re blowing that money on your daily Starbucks trips. Lastly, I made sure I had the conversation and agreement with my husband about the plan I made.

There is a path we all can take to financial freedom and it’s one we take our spouses, kids, and even business team on with us. It’s crucial to have those conversations with those around us and find common ground. You can buy the amazing memory-inspiring trips and toys obviously, it’s just about making sure they’re not the reason your life becomes more difficult. 

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