The real “Why” I have for helping others reach their financial goals and become a boss of their own money is because of the immense joy it brings me. Some people’s pathway to financial freedom is memorizing all the latest jargon about saving more pennies. That hasn’t been the best way I’ve found to help people strengthen their relationships with money though. I find it’s more useful to understand the powerful steps that actually help real people understand where exactly they are on that path.

Now while this is not a “personal development” podcast, it still is a podcast that helps you attain a new level of wealth. That often times only comes from becoming someone who would be able to have that kind of success shown in their bank accounts. It’s all about then identifying the components of the goal you need to hit first. Make sure that on your own journey to becoming the boss of your own money that you understand your bad financial habits often stretch into more than just your spending habits.

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