Americans score slightly below average than the rest of the world when it comes to saving. It’s not because things are more expensive here necessarily. No, it’s because there are simply TOO MANY things we can automate (for better or for worse). You can automate anything from subscribing to a phone bill plan, business newsletter, to even monthly dog food and treats. But have you ever thought of putting your ACTUAL bills on subscription plan?

Putting your bills on subscription is a great way to make sure exactly how much leftover money you have each month for not just eating out but also for you long-term savings. Make sure that you are not only tracking the exact amount of money you have coming in but also going out. After all, financial freedom is simply when your assets are making more money than your expenses cost you. Ensuring you have that extra cash at the end of the month is going to be a massive bonus for you to do just that.

“Pay the price now so you don’t have to pay the price later” – Grant Cardone

Be sure to go to to track the simple mistakes that could be roadblocks on your path to financial freedom.

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