Hi Money Bosses! Today I wanted to chat with you about the four things to know about the housing market shifts. These market shifts that I have noticed could help you make a decision about whether you are ready to embark on the journey of trying to buy or sell your home.

Last year, even during the pandemic, the housing market increased. There was a high demand for homes last year. The average median home price is up by 24% since before the pandemic!


The four shifts that I have noticed are:

  1. More homes are going on the market.
  1. Buyers are pushing back at home prices.
  1. Mortgage interest rates remain low.
  1. Foreclosure memorandum is coming to an end.

There is a lot to think about with those who are wanting to buy or sell during this time. It is currently known as a seller’s market but if you sell you need to be ready to buy and keep in mind these four things that I have shared today.



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