Our guest today, Riley Oickle, is the founder of Your First Income Property  where he teaches people how to purchase and manage their income properties for those who want to use real estate as a tool for wealth growth. Today we are talking about how you can use real estate as a tool to grow your wealth.

Riley chats with us about how he got started in real estate, the mindset shifts (real estate vs. stocks, etc), the steps in the process of buying real estate, and the number that is considered a healthy profit when looking at return on investment (ROI).

Riley explains that an integral part in the process is learning that you can buy property. He explains that a lot of people do not realize that and once you have that realization, it opens up the possibilities.


Riley further explains that there are three steps in the process of buying property:

  1. Analyze the city.
  1. What type of property do you want to buy?
  1. Figure out what type of strategy you want to use.

Riley explains how to do a proper analysis on a property (even when you are in another state or country). He explains the two most important numbers that we need to make sure are met when looking at what would be considered a healthy profit. Those two major numbers that need to be met are:

  1. Cash-on-cash ROI
  1. Total ROI

Riley explains that above all, remain patient! Tune in today to hear all of Riley’s tips about investing in real estate!


Riley Oickle is a graduate from Western University where he studied Business & Kinesiology while competing in Varsity Track & Field. From the age of 18 to 24, he started multiple businesses including ‘Home Maintenance London’ & ‘RO Business Consulting’ which combined surpassed $2 million in revenue. Since then, Riley still operates his businesses from afar, and now focuses his career in Real Estate Investing full-time. He is passionate about helping people take their first step toward financial freedom through the investment vehicle of Real Estate.


Website: https://www.rileyoickle.com/ – Book your discovery call with him here



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