Do you have a mom-owned business? Are you thinking of starting one? If so, today’s episode is for you! Aria, founder of MOB nation (Mom Owned Businesses), and I have a conversation about what life is like as a successful mom business owner.

Aria explains what MOB nation is and how she got started in her successful business. She created an online community specifically designed for those that are balancing motherhood and business.

Aria and I chat a lot about mindset and the limiting beliefs that often hold us back. Aria explains that you can have the right tools or resources, but if you aren’t in the right mindset to grow then it all is pointless. Mindset is key and is the starting point to every business.

Aria gives us tips on how to address the limiting beliefs that we sometimes get. It’s important to first identify those limiting beliefs that we get, seeing where they stem from, and then stating affirmations that apply specifically to those limiting beliefs.

For example, she states that a common limiting belief that she sees is money mindset. Most people feel they have to be constantly working in order to have money and that money should not be easy to attain. This may stem from childhood with how you were raised and the role models that you had. You then want to state affirmations such as “Money is easy to come by”, “I am allowed to make money off of something I enjoy”, or “I am allowed to make money off of my zone of genius”. She further explains that it is important to remember that those limiting beliefs didn’t come overnight so they are not going to heal overnight. Each time that you uplevel or those limiting beliefs creep in, be sure that you are working on your identifying them, seeing where they stem from, and stating your affirmations.

Aria also chats with us about how we impact our kids as mom business owners and how they are watching how you run your business and they will model that behavior in their future businesses or in their life. Be sure that you are pouring into yourself, setting boundaries, and loving yourself so that your children see that modeled and do so in their own lives as well.

We chat about how success looks different for everyone. It’s important to figure out what aligns with you and how you want your success to look like in your business and to be sure that you are comfortable with how you are running your business. Aria says that a lot of people say they are not in their business for the money and just want to make a difference but she explains that you can make a difference in the world and make a lot of money. She explains that we are allowed to make the amount of money that is abundant to us and to know that you’re going to make a bigger difference in the world if you are feeling abundant.

Aria reminds us that the dream or calling that is put on your heart is meant for you to feel that way. You are meant to have that dream. Take the next step. Find a mentor. Find a community. Don’t do it alone. Find the people that are going to cheer you on!







Aria helps you get out of your own way, sparkle up your mindset, step in to your power, and live your dream life.  Working with Aria as a business mentor blends consulting, coaching, and cheerleading not found anywhere else.

Aria has a proven track record of success in building communities and online empires.  Schedule a “Pick My Brain” session, join a mastermind, purchase her courses or work with her 1:1.

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