“Sandwich Generation,” you’ve heard this phrase before. In fact you might even be in it with your own family. I am certainly feeling like I am in the middle of that sandwich currently with my own. 

The big question is how do we balance our own life, creating a family, raising our kids while also making sure that we can take care of our parents when they need us. 

My guests today are Mike and Kim Barnes. Over the last five years, Mike and Kim found themselves navigating problems they never saw coming with their parents. 

From alzheimer’s, pacemakers, COVID to tough decisions to move parents into their retirement communities, they were dealing with a lot. It was through this journey they’ve learned to balance the many facets of parenting aging parents, including medical, financial and every day life decisions with the parenting of their college aged kids and building their careers. 

Whether you are here now and will be in the future there is a lot to be learned from this conversation, so please join us and let’s walk this path together.


Intro (00:00)

Look At Your Family Dynamic (4:32)

How Do You Balance This? (8:02)

Have A Financial Conversation (12:48)

Be On Our Parent’s Account (16:07)

Have A Team Approach (18:45)

Power Of Attorney (21:43)

List Of Passwords (25:34)




When you’re helping your aging parents, there can be so much confusion, so many unknowns, so much lingo–it’s hard to even know what to “google” for answers! 

We get it! Mike’s mom has Alzheimer’s, his dad is in his 80s and Kim’s mom is also in her 80s. It’s a journey we know others are going through, too. That’s why we want to provide access to experts, share resources and build a community so that we know the right questions to ask, what services and assistance are available and how to find them.

We also want you to not feel alone since being a caregiver can be challenging.

We are stronger together, so please join our private Facebook community so we can all get the support we need!




Website: parentingagingparents.com

FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/parentingagingparents

Lead magnet to include: https://parentingagingparents.com/the-caregivers-key/

Caregivers guide:

This comprehensive guide includes sections for Personal information, Health, Financial, Insurance, Housing, Technology, Transportation, Legal and Funeral/Burial. It’s designed to help in your role as a caregiver. You can use it to organize information to help you take care of and assist your parents with everything from doctor’s appointments, finances, their phone or computer and even knowing their wishes.It includes some questions you might not even know to ask. You don’t know when you’re going to need it… until you do… and you don’t want to wait until it’s too late.





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