The cost of going to college it through the roof these days. Which leads us to ask…

 Is it worth it — and why does anyone go to college anyway?

 My guest Beth Probst founder and CEO at the Core has inspired parents of college bound students to think strategically about how to select the best fit college major so they don’t end up wasting precious time, energy and money. 

If you have kids heading to college or are just looking to prepare ahead of time this episode is for you. Listen in to hear us discuss practical tips for high school students to complete before the end of high school so they can move toward college with much more confidence and clarity.

Anna’s Key Takeaways:

Intro (00:00)

Talking About The Future Is Emotional (8:28)

First Jobs (21:41)

College Decision (31:17)

From Doctor To Financial Planner (38:24)

Well Rounded Students (46:51)


Since 2012, Beth Probst, Founder and CEO of At The Core, has inspired parents of college-bound students to think strategically about how to select the best-fit college, major, and career so they don’t end up wasting precious time, energy, and money. Beth’s practical tips and stories from the trenches equip parents and students with information to eliminate the grasping and guessing and boost their confidence and clarity when making college-related decisions. Beth generously shares what students can do during high school to engage with their interests and take steps to leverage every opportunity before college.

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Books Beth Recommends: 

Where you’ll go is not where you’ll be, by Frank Bruni

Who gets in and why, by Jeffrey Selingo


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