Life isn’t all about “saving up for retirement”. This is NOT a financial podcast, no it’s one to help you become the boss of your money. If you remember before smartphones and iPhones where you had to go online and print out your directions. It was A LOT more difficult and complex than using GPS today. That being said, it’s important to realize how your dream financial goal is very similar. You need to not only understand where you currently are, but also where you’re going, and how you’ll get there.

This is why I create a Money Roadmap for the thousands of families and businesses I’ve helped get their finances under control. I personally am not the best at budgeting, confessions of a financial planner right here, but that doesn’t mean I waste my money. I understand the key principles that go into understanding how to maximize the amount of money that comes in to your bank accounts and stays there as well. We all have guilty pleasures we love to spend our money on like the Starbucks runs and date night movies, those are fine. The key is to make sure they don’t become a problem by asking yourself, “Is the amount of money I’m spending on this giving my life fulfillment or is it making me more stressed out in the long run.

Be sure to avoid the 6 common mistakes people make that costs them thousands of dollars in the long-run at

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