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In this episode I embrace the opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to self-care, and look into making it an integral part of our journey towards thriving in every aspect of our lives.
In this episode, I am joined by Audra and Matt Karam, a dynamic duo who blend their backgrounds in child life and finance into a pioneering curriculum aimed at cultivating character and leadership in young children.
Welcome Elizabeth Cates, an influencer and event director, here to share insights from her book, "#The Budget Bash: A Guide to Planning Children’s Parties on a Budget." Whether planning your child's next birthday or seeking tips to elevate your event planning without breaking the bank, this episode offers actionable advice and innovative strategies for budget-friendly celebrations.
Money Dates aren't just about numbers; they're about strengthening your relationship through open communication and shared financial goals.
In today's episode, we're talking about how our health connects to our wealth and financial success. I'll share what I'm doing and the tools I'm using to stay on track.

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