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In today's episode, I want to draw your attention to a topic that holds significant importance for parents - opening savings accounts or custodial investment accounts for your children. The landscape of the financial world has evolved since this episode was first recorded in 2021, but the strategies discussed still hold true.
Today, we revisit an episode from the first year of my podcast, where my husband and I celebrated our anniversary by discussing finances as a couple. Whether you're in a long-term relationship or not, exploring money matters together is essential.
As we juggle the responsibilities of work and family, it can be challenging to stay present and connected to our daily lives. Robin McManne's insights shed light on how to create a smooth transition between work and family time, allowing us to be more intentional and present in each role.
In this episode, we challenge the conventional definition of success and explore the concept of defining success on our own terms. My guest today is Wendy Cocke, a highly accomplished engineer and author of the bestselling book "Making Flex Work: Defining Success on Your Own Terms." With her extensive experience leading global teams in Fortune 500 companies, Wendy recognized the importance of work-life balance, particularly as a working mom. She made a pivotal decision to pursue a flexible work arrangement, and it transformed everything. Join us as Wendy shares invaluable insights on reframing your professional life and customizing your schedule to achieve harmony in all aspects of your life. If you've ever wondered how to navigate the challenges of customizing your work schedule or are worried about pushback from employers or colleagues, Wendy offers practical advice to empower you on your journey. Get ready to embrace a fresh perspective on work and life as we dive into Wendy's wisdom.
In today's heartfelt discussion, we'll delve into the valuable money and life lessons I learned from an extraordinary woman – my mom. Join me as we explore the wisdom she shared about frugality, self-sufficiency, resilience, and generosity. Let's dive in and uncover the timeless lessons my mom imparted to me.

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