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Today I want to talk about Cost of Nutrition. Krista Moreland, who is a nutritionist coach, was one of the interviews I recorded this week. We spent a whole hour talking about the Cost of Nutrition, not only from the standpoint of dollars we spend when buying our food but also whats costing us in […]
Today, I’m answering the most popular questions I get asked a lot by my clients, friends and listeners on any personal finance-related topics.
Today, I want to talk about the most difficult thing for me to do which is to have consistent commitment. I am determined with all my energy to do better going forward. I’ve hit a personal wall and I am DONE letting myself down. So commitment is a must! There are no excuses.
After helping thousands of clients with their financial planning, and planning for my own finances as a mother and entrepreneur, has helped me understand how to simply go from debt to freedom. It’s easier than you think. The reason you struggle so much often is because you are bogged down by the financial jargon other […]
Here is the formula I used (learned from Grant Cardone).  Take out a sheet of paper: Divide it into 7 columns Label each column the following: Income, Wealth, Physical, Spiritual, Familial, Recreational & Professional In each column write your current goals. Just as you see them Duplicate this exact outline on the new sheet of […]

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